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Sapphire Valley Wellness Center, LLC

105 S Main St, Bridgewater, VA 22812


About us


Sapphire Valley Wellness Center, LLC was founded by first responders who recognized that different approaches to mental healthcare need to be available. We offer those unique approaches by using the latest research on practical and effective counseling methods and the correlation between physical and mental health. Our goal is to help people recover from their mental health concerns and develop the skills to maintain their physical and mental fitness so that they can live their lives to the fullest every day.


All of our counseling is provided by licensed mental health professionals further certified in trauma and compassion fatigue counseling specializations. Our staff is committed to our efforts to make quality person-centered counseling available to everyone. We are involved in public awareness activities to dispel myths, stigmas, and misconceptions about mental. Our clinical staff remains active in research and also provides training for other professionals regarding mental health concerns.


Mission Statement

Sapphire Valley Wellness Center’s mission is to help people take care of their own health, both mentally and physically. Recent research has shown that there is a significant correlation between mental and physical fitness. For this reason, we are striving to help people take care of both of these things to live the healthiest and most enjoyable life they can by offering a variety of services.



Brian Strode, LPC, CCTP, CCFP


Brian is a former Paramedic/Firefighter. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia and has been certified by the International Association of Trauma Professionals as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional.  He has extensive experience working in crisis counseling, with traumatic stress, and with professionals experiencing burnout, secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and relationship problems.